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Vocal Cord Disease

Polyps and nodules formed in the vocal cords are called benign protrusions that occur after trauma. Nodules are seen bilaterally, while polyps are seen unilaterally in the vocal cords. These vocal cord diseases, which usually occur after the wrong use of the voice, can be corrected with voice therapy.

Vocal Cord Disease


vocal cord nodules

Vocal cord nodules are more common in children, adolescents, and adults, mostly in women. In the anterior third of the true vocal folds, they are called benign protrusions that arise after trauma andIt is usually seen bilaterally. Excessive and incorrect use of sound and poor vocal hygiene cause vocal cord nodules to form. Vocal cord nodules may prevent the vocal folds from closing completely during vocalization, causing the voice to be breathy, low-pitched and coarse.

Commonly seen in teachers and professional audio users. 


In its treatment, voice therapy and surgical intervention are used. Even if the nodule structure is removed after surgery, excessive and incorrect use of the voice continues, and the nodule may reappear as a result of not providing voice hygiene.

is seen.

Vocal Cord Polyps

Vocal cord polyps caused by incorrect and excessive use of the voiceis usually unilateral.It is more common in men. Polyps are the second most common voice disorder after nodules.


In its emergence;

  • Gastroesophageal reflux (GER),

  • smoking,

  • Factors such as inhalation of chemicals play a role. According to some studies, it has been stated that the main source is smoking..


When the vocal folds of the individuals are examined, irregularity in the closure of the vocal folds and a decrease in the mucosal wave motion are observed. Also, larger polyps appear to present breathing problems. As a result, when the sound characteristics are examined, there is a decrease in the fundamental frequency and loudness, while the sound becomes more breathy and coarse. Although many surgical interventions such as laryngeal microsurgery, steroid injection, and endoscopic laser have been performed in the treatment of vocal cord polyps, recent studies emphasize the importance of voice therapy approach in the treatment of vocal cord polyps. In the treatment of polyps, first voice therapy is used and it is seen to be effective.

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