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As the DilKonMer family affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, we provide Counseling, Education and Therapy services for Language, Speech and Voice Disorders only in individual classes with plenty of material and air-conditioning, with the most experienced and devoted experts in Bahçelievler, Istanbul, for our individuals with language, speech and voice disorders. . With the permissions we received from the Ministry of National Education, we opened our doors.since 2013We are always open to provide quality education/therapy services in a safe, effective and correct environment. As a result of these efforts, we started to be recognized as the best Speech Language Therapy Center in Istanbul Europe.

We only provide services dealing with Language, Speech and Voice Disorders without other disability groups. We know that Speech Difficulty is not a disability, it is a simple problem with a solution that can be easily overcome with the right intervention.  However, if this problem is not treated correctly, it is known that personal, social and psychological effects can lead to negative situations. 


In order to minimize waiting times, our center serves with the Pre-Interview Appointment System andOur preliminary consultations are free.. We look forward to welcoming you to our modern center by making an appointment with you or a person with any language/speech/voice disorder. 


 For more information, feel free to contact us.

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