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What You Need to Get Free Speech Language Therapy Support Training Service

We provide multi-disciplinary support training services with our specialized staff, only in the field of Language and Speech Disorders in Turkey. Our Speech and Language Therapies that we provide to individuals with a report are completely free. 


You are required to issue a Committee Report, Health Board Report or SOZGER report from any of the Fully Equipped State Hospitals. In order to issue this report, you must have the Republic of Turkey Identity Card. Health reports that you will get from Private Hospitals are not accepted by Guidance and Research Centers.

Click for hospitals authorized to issue Health Board Reports!

Research Center

After receiving your Health Board Report, you must issue an Education Report from the Guidance and Research Center affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, serving in the District where you reside. This report you will produce,

  •  Support Education Programs That Individuals Can Enter,

  •  Educational Evaluation and Diagnosis,

  • Includes Recommended Training Service and Decision information.

Click for the List of Guidance and Research Centers;

Front of Our Center
make a meeting appointment

Our center serves with a pre-interview appointment system and our pre-interviews are free of charge. All you have to do is reach us. We are just a phone call away!

Language, Speech
Voice therapy 
start your sessions

After the Pre-Interview Appointment, you will get rid of language, speech and voice disorders by participating in the therapy programs recommended to you.

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