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Who Gets Aphasia?

Studies have reported that the frequency of development of aphasia with stroke varies by 24-36%.

Who Gets Aphasia?

Studies have reported that the incidence of aphasia with stroke varies between 24-36%. Considering the general population, it is thought that 33-52 of a hundred thousand people have aphasia due to stroke.


Gender has no significant effect on the development of stroke-induced aphasia, but the likelihood of aphasia occurring increases with aging and the risk of cardioembolism.


Aphasia occurs in the cerebral cortex and is a very complex condition caused by the damage of brain tissues for many different reasons. Brain tumors, head traumas, epilepsy and infections are among the factors that cause aphasia. 


Head trauma draws attention as a very common factor among the conditions that cause aphasia, and the type of aphasia differs according to the localization of the brain area where the trauma causes damage. In addition, although not commonly encountered, infections associated with high fever can cause different neurological problems, damage the brain and cause aphasia.

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